The Dos and Don’ts of selling healthcare staffing. The Dos [pt. 5].

The Dos…

Salesman-day5-do 9. Dress the part
Good sales people dress the part. Depending on your client and the people you are meeting with you might want to be all suited up or a bit more "business casual."  In healthcare staffing I've presented to large audiences of decision makers at the C-level and in these instances, a suit and tie felt appropriate.  I've also sat in cubes with nurses and staffing managers at their desk while they were wearing scrubs or more business casual clothes.  In these cases save the black suit and silver tie for another time (do you really need a silver tie ever?). 

Also, it might sound weird to say – but it is probably best to avoid cologne or perfume altogether.  Seriously though, I've been on sales calls with some partners where the other sales reps were bathing in cologne and perfume and I'm sitting there thinking "are we going to a club after this?"  Aside from the fact that some of the people you are meeting with might have reactions to it, don't forget – you are in a hospital, lots of people could have reactions to scents for various reasons.  It's just unnecessary in this context. 

10. Ask For The Sale

Perhaps I've saved the most important "Do" tip for last.  Believe it or not, many sales people actually forget to ask for the sale.  Simply asking "do I have your business?" can do a lot to help you gauge the client's interest or objections you still need to work through. 

Perhaps to some of you it might sound a bit strange to be so direct and just come out and ask.  I think a lot of people just want the client to come out and say it.  However, that's the easy way out and potentially makes for a long sales cycle.  The whole point is to find out if the client is interested or if you still have some selling to do right?  What better way to know than to simply ask?  It's not like it should be shocking to the client – assuming they know you are there to sell them something.  If not, refer back to the related posts below.

Bottom line – invest in yourself as a sales person.  Take pride in what you do and do it well.  Take care of your customers. Know the products and services you are selling inside and out.  Listen to your clients.  Be a resource and focus on how what you are selling benefits your client.  Dress the part and remember – it is all about the relationships.

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