The Dos and Don’ts of selling healthcare staffing. The Dos [pt. 4].

The Dos…

Salesman-day4-do 7. Listen more than you speak
Whenever I give a sales person an hour to present and they talk for the majority of it I feel like they are trying too hard.  As a sales person – your job is to understand your client.  You should seek to identify their needs and present your clients with solutions.  How can you do that if you are talking more than they are?

Pay attention when your clients speak and
look for cues in their words that give you indications on how to
exceed their expectations.  Don't just wait for your turn to talk about how great your services are.

8. Value your existing customers

Good salespeople make their clients feel like they are their only
client.  But it cannot be an act.  You have to mean it.  Pay attention
to your clients.  Check up on them often – not just when "it's been
awhile" or when you need something.

Everyone wants new customers.  However, the cost of acquiring new customers is often much higher than focusing on keeping your existing ones happy.  Losing customers costs you in terms of time, PR and real dollars.

Perhaps the most important thing to keeping existing customers is follow through.  If you make a promise – keep it.  Set the expectations appropriately and works to exceed them every chance you get. 

Thank them for their business every time
you meet with them.  It never hurts to say.

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