The Dos and Don’ts of selling healthcare staffing. The Dos [pt. 3].

Salesman-day3-do The Dos…

5. It’s the benefits – not the features.
When you are selling a product or service it can become self-evident why a client should want your product or service.  Therefore, giving a presentation and simply listing the features of your products/services is an easy trap to fall into. You have to remember your client does not live this everyday and probably does not even understand some of the terminology you are using.  Your goal is for the client to understand the value of your product/service and how it directly relates to them. So, focus on the benefits and direct advantages of your products and services. 

For example, the reasons for using temporary healthcare staff might be completely obvious to you but your client might need some more convincing.  For me, when I started ShiftWise, I was cold calling hospitals attempting to explain what healthcare vendor management was.  I knew that I was focusing too much on the features if the person I was calling transferred me to the IT department.

6. Be a resource
Stay connected to people, events and other companies in the industry.  Keep a database of potential referrals and caches of information that you can easily provide to your clients.  Sending helpful links or providing them with white papers on specific topics can be very helpful.

Of course your main objective as a sales person is to gain new business and grow existing business.  Yet, for various reasons, there may come a time when you simply cannot provide what the client is looking for.  You can, however, still provide them with valuable assistance by bringing them a solution.  Giving your clients a referral to another company that you partner with or that can better meet their needs can result in them coming to you again the next time they need help.  It also goes a long way in building trust.  In addition, you never know when the company you referred will return the favor.  

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