The Dos and Don’ts of selling healthcare staffing. The Dos [pt. 2].

The Dos…


3. Know what you are selling

If you do not fully understand what you are selling you are not bringing your “A” game.  Knowing what you are selling allows you to answer questions honestly without being pushy or “anticipating the truth.”  Know your products and services inside and out – how they work, what’s involved, pricing, how to use them, the implementation or on-boarding process, what happens if the client is not satisfied?  Who do they call for support or if they have contract issues? 

Good sales people make sure the client is fully educated on the product or service they are committing to so the client feels empowered to make an informed decision.  Yes, there will of course be the times when you get stumped by a question and have to give the obligatory “I’ll get back to you on that” answer.  However, if that is your answer to more than a few questions in your presentation – do some more homework.

4. Live what you are selling
To me, there are few things worse than being sold something from someone who does not believe in it or who is obviously using buzz words that they cannot back up or worse – do not understand.  Have you ever called a company and had the on hold message apologize for the wait and tell you how much they value your call?  Really?  Then how about not making me wait on hold.  Ever have someone try to sell you an iPhone when they use a 2 year old flip phone?  Irritating. 

One time a sales rep was presenting a software application to me and he consistently referred to the application's "platform" at strange times and without saying what the product's platform was.  Finally I asked him what the platform of the application was.  His answer "it's built on a platform of committed developers that really understand modern technologies and our customers needs."  Wrong answer.

I could write more about this but feel Lisa Amorao from ATR International already covered this topic quite well in her company’s staffing blog post. 

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