Dear Nurses: Thank You.

Florence_Nightingale I have some friends that are healthcare professionals and my sister is currently in nursing school. I’ve also been in the healthcare staffing industry for almost 10 years now so I’ve worked with healthcare professionals for awhile.  However, I’m not a nurse so I won’t pretend to understand what it’s like to be one. 

I don't have any iPhone giveaways or fancy, flashing lanyards to hand out.  All I can do is say thank you.  If you are a nurse – thank you for doing a necessary and important job that I’m sure is both thankless and rewarding depending on the day and the context.

I also didn’t serve in Vietnam or any war.  However, I did serve in the Marine Corps for 4 years and this week I ran across an article that I could relate to in terms of truly appreciating what it means to be a nurse and fully respecting their profession.  It’s an article written by Kay Schwebke that really moved me.  It’s essentially a collection of stories about nurses that volunteered during war time from Vietnam to the current Iraq war and their experiences.  It’s long but a good read.

Happy Nurses Week!

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