The Dos & Don’ts of selling healthcare staffing. The Don’ts [pt. 5].

The Dont's…

Salesman-day5-dont 9. Don't disrespect their time
Basically – keep it short and to the point. Everyone is busy.  Everyone.  Don't assume that people are happy to meet with you and spend their time so freely.  Do whatever you can to get your point across without taking up too much time.

You know those big multi-page, text heavy "leave behinds" you spent so much time creating?  Those end up in the trash.  No one reads that stuff.  Stop thinking proposal and start thinking elevator pitch.  In the era of Twitter we should all consider the value of 140 character communication. 

Think of it this way – the easier and more straight forward your pitch is the easier it is for your client to understand and respond to. The best way to do this is to be as direct as possible.  What is it you can do for them?  How does it meet their goals?  Why are you the most qualified to deliver this?  One to two sentences for each of these areas and you are done.  The quicker the proposal the quicker the response.

10.  Don’t give up too early.
As I was just saying – people are busy.  You never know if you have the full attention of the person you are talking to.  Therefore,  the "no" you just heard might just really be a "not right now."  You certainly don't want to be the pestering sales person that won't go away.  However, you need to find the right balance and consider carefully when to contact them again.  I've seen a lot of success come from closing clients that said no several times.

Again, what you don't do can be just as important as what you do.  Embrace your role as a sales person and understand the value you can bring your clients.  Up level your game and stand out from the crowd by knowing your clients needs and only selling them the proper solutions.  Remember – don't play the losing games of competing on price or berating your competition.  Don't oversell or use hard sales tactics.  Communicate effectively with your clients by communicating their way.  Keep it short, don't give up too soon, remember the little things and most importantly – don't be a jerk.

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