Signs of Spring?

3428467078_efa9367c14_t I know it isn't news to say this economy is no picnic – but I’ll say it anyway. It’s no picnic. In recent posts I shared information on some of the reasons for the decline in available jobs in healthcare staffing.  However, lately I’ve been seeing some signs that suggest some improvement in jobs and the economy could be coming.

For example, even though the ASA’s Staffing Index has shown a considerable drop since last year, it showed signs of stabilization for the first time this year by remaining flat from February to March.

Seasonality also plays a big part in healthcare staffing.  In several parts of the country, Spring and Summer is when usage of temporary healthcare professionals tends to pick up.  Over the last month I asked several hospitals across the country if they expected their reliance on healthcare stafifng suppliers to increase this spring and summer. Here are the results from the 18 respondents:


In addition to industry indicators some overall indicators on the economy as a whole seem to be offering (although minimal) some signs of hope as well.

Yes, much of this “good news” is really just “not as bad news.”  However, considering the state of things – “not as bad news” is sounding pretty good at the moment. 

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