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Addison, TX.
Dave Gorman -CEO

Company Soundbite: 
Leading providers of healthcare staffing
solutions for the healthcare staffing industry; delivering on demand,
web based software to assist with everything from recruiting to billing.


How do you feel your technology helps the healthcare staffing industry?   
"Our products tie everything together.  ClearviewTSS is the only
solution that delivers to the entire value chain of healthcare
staffing.  Whether it’s the nurse looking for a job, the agency
recruiting and staffing that nurse or the hospital specifying where
their human resource needs exist.

What unique/innovative solutions do your products provide? 
"Our healthcare-only focus is what really sets us apart. Understanding
how medical professionals, agencies and hospitals need to be able to
communicate is vitally important as it helps us craft our solutions in
meaningful ways. For example, streamlining the credential verification
process that occurs between the nurse and the agency during onboarding
and then making that information easily accessible to the hospital
where that nurse will end up working. The opportunities to improve
these types of communications are practically unlimited.

How do you see your product offerings in 5 years?   
"5 Years is tough to project. But, two things seem pretty evident; the
first is continuing to open the lines of communication and make it
easier for our customers to transact with their own customers. The
second is making sure that we stay focused on helping customers recruit
the highest caliber of healthcare professionals. Within these
parameters our solutions will evolve in many interesting directions."

How do you see the technology itself evolving and changing?
"This year we have a larger focus on interacting with our partners. 
We’ve created interfaces to several other technologies solutions to
offer additional workflow improvements to our mutual clients.  In addition, we’re looking at new technology solutions that are consistent with popular trends in web application development.  All of these efforts will have an affect on how our products evolve."

How does technology affect your day to day business?   
"We rely heavily on technology every day. We’re a small business but
having critical business functions such as sales, marketing, technical
support and to a lesser degree, engineering tied together is huge.

How do you use social networking sites to further your business?  
"We just got set up on Twitter.  We’re still accessing the value of
these kinds of sites and determining our best opportunities in using

Any new deals? 
"We are currently in the process of implementing our TSS product with Maxim Healthcare and Medical Staffing Network.  In addition, we have completed our interface with ShiftWise that will allow our customers to work seamlessly between Clearview TSS and ShiftWise healthcare VMS."

What events/trade shows will you attend this year?  
The Healthcare Staffing summit, ASA, AONE, HIMSS, ASHHRA

Date Started:    2.2.2000
# of Internal Employees:    63
Products Delivered:    TSS, RSS, Clearview IRP
Services Offered:    Training, Support, Project Management, Data Migration & Integration
Products/Services Sold To:    Healthcare Staffing Suppliers & Hospitals
Product Platform(s):     Cold Fusion – SQL
Exclusively Healthcare?:    Yes
Regions Serviced:    US – Canada – Ireland
Technology Systems Used Internally:    Net Suite
Favorite System Used:    Net Suite
Why?:    "It completely closes the communication loop from billing, to payroll, to sales."
Favorite Personal Technology or Website:     Apple TV

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