Not participating is NOT the answer

I don’t know Gregg Dourgarian and I’ve only recently heard of his company TempWorks.  I applaud him for getting out there with a blog and his video tutorials to promote his company.  These are great examples of how to further technology and participation in the healthcare staffing industry.

But I stop there with the props.

In his post titled “How to Fix the Monster Problem of Candidate Poaching” the suggestion made is antithetical to all current theories about openness and participation in the web. These types of suggestions actually take us backward in our industry's much needed embrace of technology – not forward.

Let me explain.

The post mentioned suggests the equivalent of saying that Jim the farmer shouldn’t sell his food to the local market because the market is also selling the food of other farmers.  Further, by doing so, the market is enabling other farmers to “poach” customers away from farmer Jim.  It suggests that farmer Jim should only sell his food to the people who show up at his farm to buy it. 

The problem?  People don’t buy food at farms – they buy food at the market.  Not participating is NOT the answer.

If you only learn one thing about marketing your business take the best advice I ever got, which happened to be from my current CEO.  He told me “It’s not about us – it’s about them.” 

However, the post mentioned above suggests you do the opposite – focus on yourself and your business, not the needs and desires of your potential candidates. 

Think about it…. 

When you’re looking for a job you’re thinking about what job best suites you – job type, location, compensation, benefits, conditions, skills required, hours, etc.  You are most likely not thinking “I wonder what jobs Company X has for me today.”  Why? Because Company X only has a limited set of jobs that may or may not meet your preferences and desires.  In addition, if Company X doesn’t have the jobs you’re looking for you now have to go look at the jobs available from Company Y and repeat this process until you find a job you're looking for.  This is a very time consuming effort.

Therefore, when conducting a job search, your best option is to go to an aggregated source and view all possible jobs available based on your needs – not hop around from webpage to webpage of all the staffing companies you could potentially work for. 

The strategy put forth by Mr. Dourgarian may help staffing companies with their loyal followers but fails if your company's goal is to gain new candidates.  However, Mr. Dourgarian seems to also suggest you can overcome this fact with some ninja like SEO skills.  Not to shoot down your dreams – but even if you do have such skills, chances are companies like Monster, Career Builder, Dice, and Indeed are also skilled in such secret arts and will still be listed ahead of you.

Openness = good.  Participation = good.  Not participating is NOT the answer.

Go to the market. Sell your food.

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